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Wat Bhoman Khunaram

Posted on: 25th February 2016

It is one of the best known religious places in Bangkok, it is sometimes also pronounced as one of the most beautiful Chinese temples located in Bangkok; actually it is considered the most beautiful in the whole of south eastern Asia.


The most interesting feature of this temple is that the art found at the place is a unique combination of Thai, Chinese as well as Tibetan styles.


Brief History

The temple was built in 1959 by a monk of Chinese sect; on the other side of the temple there is a monastery where young boys come after accepting the robe to lead the life of a monk. Hence at this temple many beginners learn not only religious teachings but also learn Chinese language. The entrance to the temple holds the initials of the Royal King and the principal image of Buddha is named ‘Phra Buddha Vachara Bodhikun’, a name which was given by the King himself in 1971. In addition to ‘Phra Buddha Vachara Bodhikun’, there are many other images of Buddha that can be found in that place. Though this is a Chinese temple, the images of Buddhas are considered very auspicious and which as per Chinese belief helps one in improving the fortune.

Opening Time : The place remains open from 7 in the morning till 6 in the evening and no admission fee is charged.

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