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Posted on: 21st September 2016

Thailand is a country most well known for attracting travellers from across the globe. The rise in tourism in recent years has been amazing and has helped the country a lot financially. Thailand is filled with places and things of attraction and is a beautiful country that has made its mark on world tourism. It is famous for its beaches, hill tribes, museums, islands, cuisine and the Buddhist temples. The islands, especially, in Thailand, rank very high on the list of places to visit. The islands in Thailand have lagoons, beaches, mountains and wildlife and everything you could imagine in a place to have a quiet, peaceful time.

Thailand, literally, has hundreds of islands scattered all over the country and a lot of them are open to tourists. Here is a list of the top islands you must visit on your trip to Thailand for a spiritually calm and relaxing holiday.

Ko Tao


Also known as the ‘Turtle Island’, this is the favourite go-to place in Thailand for scuba diving and one of the best places in the world to learn. The competition among the large number of dive shops has also made it the cheapest place for scuba diving. Hikers and rock climbers also have abundant areas to explore on foot and spend time in peace and tranquility.

Ko Chang


The second largest island in Thailand, it is famous for its white sand beaches. It is also called the Elephant Island because of its elephant shaped headland. The island gives you a big taste of wildlife and has great places for jungle hiking. From mountains to waterfalls and luxury resorts, Ko Chang has something for every visitor.

Ko Pha Ngan


The island best known for its monthly full moon parties that attracts visitors from all around the world, this place has seen a dramatic increase in the number of travellers in the past two decades. The Full Moon Party at the Haad Rin Beach might be the biggest eye catcher but the island also offers other attractions like dozens of beaches, elephant trekking, waterfalls, diving and yoga centers.

Ko Samui


The island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with crystal clear water. It is a big island with dozens of beaches which are good for diving and snorkelling all year. It is not as commercial as the other neighbouring island but is a perfect place fi you’re looking for a peaceful holiday.

Ko Phi Phi


Technically a part of marine national park, Ko Phi Phi is a group of six islands. The islands came to light when they were set as a location for the film “The Beach.” The islands are a perfect mix of vibrant nightlife and quiet relaxing places, whichever you prefer.



Known as the ‘Pearl of the Andaman’, Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. Also the most popular island in the country, tourism has been a big earning hand in the development of the island. The most popular activities include diving, snorkelling, surfing, parasailing and deep sea fishing.

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