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Bangkok to Chiang Mai – 4 Day Road Trip

Bangkok to Chiang Mai - 4 Day Road Trip Posted on: 31st December 2018

Thailand is indeed a beautiful country. It is diverse, famous tourist destination, and offers some of the most interesting and beautiful road trips across the globe. Undergoing a lot of research and innovation, we suggest a road trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai that would be an experience full of adventure, thrill and beauty. Throughout this 4 day long mesmerising journey, you will be amazed to witness the beauty of Thailand.

Explore the “super highway” journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai discovering breathtaking views, local attractions, eateries and much more. Flying between cities or using other means of transports won’t let you witness the beauty as nicely as your own vehicle will. We suggest renting a car in Thailand for road trip, which will ensure you don’t miss out any of the attractions on your way. Make your journey between Bangkok to Chiang Mai full of adventure, thrill and turn it into lifetime memories. Follow the below written guide to make the best out of your trip. You can hire a rental car in Bangkok and plan a 4 day long road trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

DAY 1: Bangkok to Ayutthaya

Distance: 81.2 kms Via: Udon Ratthaya Expressway

Things to do: Detox your body from the booze you had at Bangkok’s clubs and pubs, visiting the city of Ayutthaya. The city was once the capital of the Kingdom of Siam and an international trading port. Ayutthaya city offers some of the very interesting facts and wonderful figures. Locals call it a miracle, Buddha head embedded in a Banyan tree attracts tourists from all around the globe to witness this sacred place of Wat Mahathat. This place is full of history and very picturesque. Once done with this place, you might want to have a look around Ayutthaya historical park where you will witness the ruins of the old city of Ayutthaya. Stay the night at famous hotels across the city like Luang Chumni Village, iuDia and more.

DAY 2: Ayutthaya to Sukhothai

Distance: 348.5 kms Via: AH2 and Route 117

Things to do: Leave early in the morning for Sukhothai, once you’re done with capturing the sunrise at Ayutthaya temple and breakfast at some mouth licious food junctions like Say Cafe, Summer House and more. Make your next stop at Uthai Thani, approximately 2h drive from Ayutthaya. This place is known for Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary showcasing wildlife refuge, tigers and more. Spend enough time looking out for the flora and fauna of this largest intact seasonal tropical in Southeast Asia. Have lunch, and head all the way to Sukhothai. The sun will be about to set, by the time you will reach this province. Have a taste of this beautiful city by shopping at Sukhothai night market and dining at some famous eateries like JayHae, Tapui and more. Relax and stay the night in the city, saving and refreshing your energy for tomorrow.

Day 3: Explore Sukhothai

Things to do: Next morning you can witness the sunrise at Wat Sa Si, an old Buddhist temple with a lotus pond. Once done with this, you can visit Sukhothai Historical park, having a look at the ruins of 13th century royal capital. Have lunch and further, go for tour of Ramkhamhaeng National park. Known for hiking trails, this mountainous park also features a museum. Don’t get too involved in here and save your energy for Buddhist Temple Wat Saphan Hin, famous across Thailand. After you’re done with everything, you must rest up in a hotel as you’ll be leaving tomorrow morning for your final destination of this trip, Chiang Mai.

DAY 4: Sukhothai to Chiang Mai

Distance: 289.8 kms Via: Route 11

Things to do: The last but not the least day of your travel in the rented car. Be adventurous, be crazy, making the most out of this day. Head all the way to Lampang, the third largest town in Northern Thailand. It will take you approximately 3h to reach this much to explore city. While your way to Lampang, you can have breakfast at Wiang Kosai National Park, with a mesmerising view. Spend a few hours here, witnessing the many species of flora and fauna including elephant, butterflies etc. 30 mins drive from there, you will reach Lampang Town. Stop directly at Kad Kong Ta, a market with yummy eateries. Feed your tummy with mouth watering food and roam around shopping at this beautiful market. By the time sun is about to set, get back in your car and move to Chiang Mai, your final destination. You might like to stop at some delicious food joints in Lamphun area to have an amazing dinner.

This 4 day long journey of Northern Thailand is definitely going to be a lifetime experience for you.

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