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A Thailand Shopping Guide

Posted on: 2nd December 2014

Shopping is something that is on each and every travelers list may he be from any place in the world. Thailand has a vast variety of shops where the tourists can shop and can find perfect souvenirs. Locals love the shopping experience, so tourists can also find a lot of shopping malls and street markets around the corners selling stuff really cheap.

The most famous buys in Thailand are of the Thai silk, cotton textiles, works in nickel-plated metal, silver, tin & bronze, ceramics, precious stones and elaborated jewelry shop, as well as a wide range of popular handicrafts. The clothes made following international requirements, turn out to be especially cheap, as well as clothes stitched by tailors who offer dressmaking services 24 hours both in Bangkok, and in the main tourist destinations.

What to Buy in Thailand


In Thailand, you can find items of high quality silk and other not so fine materials, but all at very affordable prices. If you want to buy quality silk, just visit specific stores that sell silk items. Their prices are not cheap but still, you just pay half the price for those items as compared to what you pay in your native city.



Thailand is one of the countries where most clothing is made because the quality of cotton is very good here. Especially rather than buying cheap imitation clothing manufactured in China, the prudent thing is to go to the malls to buy branded clothing at prices which are very reasonable.



Thailand has traditionally been a place famous for selling jewelry with precious stones at a great price. But this just goes to renowned places where the quality of what you’re buying is guaranteed. You can find affordable pieces of jewelry, especially rubies and sapphires because Bangkok is reputed to be one of the world centers for precious stones.


Where to Shop in Thailand

Shopping Centers

Some of the most modern and complete shopping malls located all over Southeast Asia are in Thailand, especially in places such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.


You can find a variety of things including branded clothing at very favorable prices along with luggage bags, electronics and handbags. Some notable malls in Thailand are:

1. Central World, Bangkok
2. Siam Paragon, Bangkok
3. Future Park Rangsit, Pathum Thani
4. Kadsuankaew, Chiang Mai

Flea Markets

Flea markets are located in almost every country around the globe, but the thing about Thailand’s flea markets is that they have a vast variety of goods to offer. You can purchase almost anything for a good and reasonable price.


The most popular local markets are:

1. Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok
2. Kathu Market, Phuket
3. Banzaan Fresh Market, Patong Beach
4. Pratunam Market, Bangkok

The best cities for shopping in Thailand

Without a doubt the best places for shopping in Thailand are Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. These are also the cheapest cities here.


Bangkok has flea markets like Chatuchak and Patpong. It also offers amazing nightlife, Asiatique area and many shopping malls to all visitors.


Chiang Mai

The city of Chiang Mai has night markets as there are the Night Bazaar, the Saturday Market and Sundays, shops of silks and things of craft and now several magnificent commercial centers. Although the supply is not as wide as in Bangkok, prices are usually cheaper in comparison.



Out of all the beach areas that exist in Thailand, we can surely say that Phuket is the best for shopping experiences. If you are looking forward to more shopping in Thailand, you will find markets and shopping centers in abundance at both Patong and Karon Beach.

Visit Thailand and immerse yourself into an amazingly extravagant shopping experience. You will surely find something or another to buy for yourself and your loved ones.

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