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Best Destinations in Thailand for Families

Posted on: 13th April 2017

Thailand, the land of smiles, erupts into a delighted grin when it comes to children!!


Yes! People of Thailand just love kids! So, if you are still wondering whether to go ahead with the idea or not, just throw the thought away for Thailand is now one of the most loved kids-friendly destinations in the World! And it is highly likely that you will be approached many a time by the chirpy locals if your kid is anywhere between an adorable toddler and a toothy younger one; so be mentally prepared!

Thailand, besides being this happy child-friendly place, is also big on variety! It has a great many places where parents can visit with their kids. What More? To all this, add Thailand’s rich culture, a perfect confluence of amazing food, good weather, and picture-perfect views, and the resulting picture proves too hard to resist. Isn’t it?

The Best Regions for Kids in Thailand

Now that most of the pressing issues have been covered, let’s come to the point- Best Thai Places for Kids!! When it comes to the ‘Things That Children Can Do Safely in Thailand’, it is true that variety is humongous, but nothing can beat the allure of Beaches, right? Isn’t it where most travelers envision spending their days? And since with the kids in tow, it can be the recipe for a memorable time, we have put much emphasis on the safety of kids while listing the regions and their beaches. Following are the best regions in Thailand with beaches where you can swim and stroll around with your children, with enough nearby activities to keep them occupied.

Ko Chang and Eastern Seaboard:


The beaches in this area are flanked by shallow seas which are deemed kind to young swimmers and if you would like the kids to have a fun beach-combing experience, the beach’s low evening tides makes for the perfect setting. For older children, the region’s interior jungle, elephant interactions and activities like mangrove kayaking would prove great vacation experiences.

Upper Gulf, Ko Samui and Lower Gulf:

While Upper Gulf’s Hua Hin is renowned for its sandy coastline, its hillside temples are full of monkey spotting opportunities and its town of Phetchaburi offers beautiful cave temples that inhabit bats. For older children snorkeling at Ko Tao would prove a great fun experience.

Ko Samui is a much-loved toddler destination, especially the beaches on its northern side! Your young ones would love to see this place which is usually painted as a place full of pram-pushers and toddlers! Hat Chaweng is a gem – social and commercial – best for teens.

Phuket & Andaman Coast:

Big on amusement parks especially the surf schools, Phuket is also a great go-to; it’s party scene might not be what you would like to experience with kids, but don’t worry it is not as wild as that of Patong. Besides this, the region has about dozen islands that lie along this coast where you and your kids can spend some great time.

Chiang Mai:

One of the most favored destinations when it comes to the European families, Chiang Mai has emerged as a great place where kids can experience Thai culture from the closest quarters. Walks with elephants and cycling about the town are some of its most loved experiences.

Important Tips for a Comfortable and Safe Journey

Tip 1: First Things First – Plan your Trip Around the Kids!!

Comfort, ample rest, and safety are paramount when it comes to traveling with kids!!

Yes, we know that saving money is also important, but would you choose that over the expense of your child’s comfort? Of course, no!

So even if it proves relatively expensive, try to book all the direct routes to your destination; certainly, a direct flight sounds way better than a couple of cheap flights and multiple stops! The unnecessary waiting mostly leads to jittery, tired and grumpy kids, a situation that you would want to evade at any cost. If possible, time your arrival in such a way that you reach the destination when it is bed time so that the children can directly be put to bed after a good dinner.

So if you are arriving at one of the airports in Thailand, we would like to advise you one more thing – rent a car! A confirmed pre-booked car rental in Thailand would save your precious vacation time, and traveling in the same vehicle will make the kid feel comfortable – bringing in the welcomed feeling of normalcy. So, do book a car, and keep the number of your Thailand car rental supplier within reach in case you need help with the car during your trip.

Tip 2: What to do About the Thai Heat?

Since heat gets quite unbearable as the day progresses, make sure that most of the exploration is done in the morning, rest in the afternoons and venture out again in the evenings for the touristy places. Keep your children hydrated with regular intakes of juices and water, and if you are opting for a car rental for moving about, go for the one which has air conditioning.

Though Thailand is an all the year round destination, whose climate is very unpredictable, but still if you want to skip the bad heat, we would say plan your trip anytime between November and February, as during this timeframe, the temperatures are not that bad and the chances of rain are also slim.

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