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Sgt. Maj. Dr. Thavi Folklore Museum

Sgt. Maj. Dr. Thavi Folklore Museum Posted on: 22nd February 2016

A Museum Showcasing the History of Thai Culture
Sgt. Maj. Dr. Thavi Folklore Museum is a place for those who wish to learn more about the lifestyle of the Thai people. This is a must-visit museum in Phitsanulok if you want to have an idea of how the Thais used to live centuries ago. The extensive folk museum offers an incredible collection of antique items, and seeing them will give you a clue of what the city was like back then. The museum was founded by Sgt. Maj. Dr. Thavi Buranakhate – a leader in the field of indigenous art and sculpture preservation while being renowned for his in-depth knowledge regarding Northern Thai folklore. Conceived as a historical treasury, Sgt. Maj. Dr. Thavi Folklore Museum was awarded the ‘Excellence in Tourism Award’ in 1998 by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.


Admire the Impressive Collection of Artifacts

Sgt. Maj. Dr. Thavi Folklore Museum invites you to step inside its intriguing Thai pavilions and explore the amazing collection of antiques that represent the Thai rural life. Spreading over a group of traditional Thai-style houses, the museum houses over 10,000 artifacts including Buddha images, indigenous arts, household items and trapping equipment. It also features textiles, coins, pottery, kitchenware farming, woven items, ceramics and weapons. Also on display are the old photographs that reveal the good old days of Phitsanulok along with pictures that show the castration of a buffalo. Most of the displays are accompanied by comprehensive explanations in English. Aside from the artifacts, you’ll also find a cafe and a small souvenir shop on the premises. Across the road, you can visit the shop selling a range of Buddha items as well as a small bird sanctuary.

Accessing the Museum

Sgt. Maj. Dr. Thavi Folklore Museum is located about 5 km from Phitsanulok town center on Sanam Bin Road (Wisutkasat Road), across the Buddha Casting Foundry. The museum is open from Wednesdays through Sundays from 8:30 am till 4:30 pm. Entry costs around 50 Baht for adults, 20 Baht for children and 100 Baht for foreigners. Our Phitsanulok car rental offered at Thailand Cars Rentals come well packaged with inclusions and allow one-way rentals in addition to add-ons which are made available for hire at an extra pay.

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