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Rare Stone Museum

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Rare Stone Museum is located on Rangsit-Patum Thani Road in Pathum Thani. The place has a mesmerizing collection of about ten thousand rare stones which are collected by a man named Banyong Lertnimitr, though only about 2000 are on display. The collection has stones from all over the world but the biggest chunk of the collection is said to have been collected from Thailand, Africa and other parts of Asia. The stone of the collection can be classified in three categories mainly: river, mountain and cave stone.



There are many stones in the collection that are unique and quite popular. A stone named python is popular for it is about 2 meters long; another stone named ‘the immortal tortoise’ is about 72 centimeters long and weighs a ton whereas the third stone named ‘Kissing penguins’ is a natural marvel in itself. In addition to stones the museum also has a good collection of ashtrays, lighters, coins fossils, old Chinese publications and pipes. It is said that Banyong being a great admirer of Chinese poetry and literature has been collecting clippings of old Chinese articles, matchsticks and other rare things which have been made the part of the museum’s collection. Instead of this the museum is also popular for its many fossils, for instance Keichousaurus which is the fossil of an ancient reptile which is estimated to have lived in china some 248 million years ago. In addition to this the collection also holds a skull of a crocodile; a turtle, fish shells and interestingly a sugar apple etc.

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Opening Time and Admission fee : A fee of 150 Baht is charged from the visitors and the museum opens daily from 8 am till 5 in the evening.

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