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Lumpini Park

Posted on: 25th February 2016

This 0.5 million square meters of area is heart of Bangkok’s recreational circles and is an inner city haven which also supports various flora and fauna species where rare animals like water monitor lizards are thriving. Moreover, the most interesting fact is that it has been named after the birth place of Lord Buddha- Lumbini which is in Nepal.

How It Came About?

Lumpini Park came along around 1920s and initially was meant to be an exhibition center for Thai crafts and flower displays. This initial concept never saw the day of light and over the years however it grew into a much loved venue where the Bangkokians come and relax or do light workout or aerobics etc and other activities meant for leisure.


What to Expect?

Lumpini Park is a place of refuge that appeals to people from all walks of life and morning or dusk the place remains a heap of activity, always on the roll. Cycling, tai-chai sessions, fencing, stretching or jogging the place attracts all sorts of activities with varying purposes ranging from health to leisure to entertainment. The place also has an outdoor gym and the water body available at the park also allows activities like rowing and boat-paddling in addition to other options.The park has many areas where one can mediate or can even read a book; the place is full of such calm and quiet secret mini-havens. And if that is not satisfying have a look around; nature gives one enough magical pacifying moments that will certainly prove refreshing.The most impressive part of the park’s make up is that its gates also provide access to foods that range from simple noodles to extravagant cuisines that appear during weekend’s fresh market.

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Admission Fee: It opens from 4:30 am till 9 pm.

Opening Timings :  No admission fee is charged.

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