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Yomjinda Walking Street

Yomjinda-Walking-Street Posted on: 26th February 2016

If one is interested in getting a look at Rayong’s ancient architecture, a visit to Yomjinda Walking Street presents the best opportunity. This place is also known to provide a plethora of other local stuff ranging from food to art & craft fair to traditional music and dance. However, it dons a different aura after dusk when the night market starts hence a visit at night would also be rewarding provided one has enough time. Since this street comes to life at night and finding a public transport at night is next to impossible, it’s advisable to rent a car at Bowin Downtown and have a hassle free ride to Yomjinda Walking Street.

Yomjinda Walking Street’s: History- Now & Then

Yomjinda Walking Street is historically important for it was the first street to be built when old Rayong’s was in its initial days after establishment. Back in those days it was also the most economical part of the city for it housed major banks, a cinema and a few shops which made it a hub of activity then. Today, which advancements of times and emergence of more resourceful or posh avenues in the city the stature of this place has dwindled. Today it is like any other local street since the center of activity has shifted from its domain a long time back. With the collaborative efforts of municipality of Rayong and town preserving club the scenarios is changing again for the good.


One of the efforts include the regulation through which the street is transformed into no-vehicle zone, making it a strictly ‘walking area’. This is practiced on weekend evening where visitors can find various vendors selling traditional foods like Padthai of Rayong and other Thai cuisines; street art by painters and sketchers is very common. This street is a peek at what Rayong looked like a century back and Gallery of Rayong comes across as a must if one wants to have a look at its old books, furniture and pictures etc; it opens daily from 9 am till 6 pm.

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