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Wat Thung Si Muang

Wat Thung Si Muang Posted on: 19th February 2016

Standing in the middle of the lotus pond, this 6-layered Wat Thung Si Muang Temple looks absolutely gorgeous, reflecting itself in the Lotus pond. The temple was created in the 19th century to keep the replica of Buddha’s footprints.


Wat Thung Si Muang, “The Beautiful Temple”

Wat Thung Si Muang Temple was built during the Era of Rama III during the 19th century. The temple consists of two halls, beautifully carved with wood. The most beautiful feature of the Wat Thung Si Muang is the wooden Tripitaka library, also known as Ho Trai. The Ho Trai library sits on the slits in the pond, positioned strategically to save the books and writings from insects. Not only the library is beautiful, the adjacent hall is also crafted with finely lacquered doors and two-century old murals which display soldiers heading off to war. Apart from this, Wat Thung Si Muang temple also consists of images of meditating monks and the Buddha’s footprint placed next to Lao-style Buddha Image.

Practical Information

Wat Thung Si Muang Temple is situated at a distance of just 2 km from Ubon Ratchathani and can be reached via route 24. So, book a rental car in Ubon Ratchathani and drive through the town and get mesmerized by the beauty of temples such as Wat Thung Si Muang.

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