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Wat Prathat Renu Nakhon

Posted on: 22nd February 2016

Wat Prathat Renu Nakhon has 36 meters high Chedi which is also its most distinguishing feature. This temple has been renovated in the past many years, though that doesn’t make it less important historically.


History Highlights

The present Chedi is based on an old and highly revered Chedi known as Wat Phra That Phanom which is located just south of Renu Nakhon. Though the place is a scaled downed replica yet it is the truth that over the years it has developed its own character. The Chedi was built in 1918 and is considered the best example of Laotian style of architecture and its outer structure is done in white and gold. The temple has a cabinet which contains various ancient scriptures which have been written in Sanskrit or Pali language; these scriptures are known as Tripitaka.

Buy Renu Nakhon’s specialties outside the temple

The people of Renu Nakhon’s village are known for the rich and quality handmade products that they produce, whether silk or cotton or any other product, they are worth a buy. The temple ground is not only the place where people sell their handmade products but it is also a good place where one can see the people working, producing their products in action.

How to Reach Wat Prathat Renu Nakhon?

The temple is located in north eastern Thailand’s province of Nakhon Phanom in the small village of Nakhon Phanom which is about 50 kilometers from province’s capital -Nakhom Phanom town. If one wants to reach in the earliest traveling by air is the best option; one can easily find domestic flights to Nakhom Phanom town via air lines like Nok Air. Make a trip to this beautiful temple with an economical Nakhon Phanom car rental at your disposal, which would not only save time and money but also would allow one to visit other city attraction as per one’s own wishes.

Admission fee: Nil

Opening Time: 7 days a week; closes after dusk

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