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Wat Phra Yai – The Big Buddha Temple

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Although its official name is Wat Phra Yai but it is also known as the Big Buddha Temple. The Big Buddha, as the name suggests is a giant Buddha located at the end of the beautiful Bo Phut Beach on Ko Samui Island. It is a 12-meter high statue of Golden Buddha situated on the top of a mountain near the Big Buddha Beach. The statue was erected recently in 1972. It is believed by the locals that the statue of Buddha protects the island from evil spirits and it brings good luck to all its inhabitants. If you get a chance to visit the beautiful Island of Ko Samui then do not go without visiting the Wat Phra Yai which is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in Thailand.


More About the Big Buddha

The Buddha in statues is sitting calmly while meditating. The palm of his left hand on his lap and the right hand with fingers hanging above the knee. The position of the statue represents the time when Buddha attained enlightenment. To reach the statue, you have to climb colorful stairs. At the top, you will find locals performing religious rituals. The Buddhist devotees usually offer flowers, fruits and incense at the temple. Near the temple, a shopping area is located with dozens of shops selling clothes, jewelry, amulets, cosmetics, souvenirs and numerous other products. Various food stalls and restaurants are also located near the temple where you can drink or eat something. In addition to the statue, visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the Gulf of Siam from the top.

Important Information

The Wat Phra Yai or the Temple of Big Buddha is located on Route 4171, just 3 km from the Samui Airport. If you are landing at the Samui Airport then you can book a car rental directly at the airport. Since it is a Buddhist temple, so it is advised to the visitors to dress carefully. Do not wear short or transparent clothes. This place is also considered the best in Ko Samui to watch the sunset, so do not forget to take some pictures. Make your journey more relaxing with the prospect of having a car rental at your disposal in Ko Samui. Book by calling our booking support team and choose from a variety which covers all from various car categories to multi-seater vehicles to fuel and transmission options etc.

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