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Wat Phra Phutthabat

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Wat Phra Phutthabat is a Buddhist temple located in Saraburi- a town located in Central Thailand. The English translation of its name is ‘Temple of Buddha’s Footprint’; this temple houses a footprint which is believed to have been imprinted by Buddha himself. We provide well-tended car rental for Mae sot at various price ranges; book by choosing the best-suited deal from our pool of deals powered by the combined fleet of cars provided by our numerous suppliers like Budget and Alamo.


Legend of Wat Phra Phutthabat

Legend of Wat Phra Phutthabat says that in 17th century on the command of King Song Tham of Ayutthaya a few monks were sent to Sri Lanka so that they can pay their respect at the world renowned Buddha’s footprint of Sumankut. When the monks reached the venue, they were shocked to hear what the Sri Lankans had to say. The asked the monks why they have travelled this long when according to an ancient Pali scripture Buddha has left a footprint in Thailand too and that too in their own backyard. When King Song Tham heard about this he launched searches but all was in vain. The footprint was founded in 1623 by a hunter who witnessed an injured deer which went under a bush and came out completely healed, perplexed he searched the bush and found the footprint filled with holy water. It is also said that his skin disease was also cured by coming in contact with the holy water.


The temple consists of a staircase which is flanked by Nagas and up-the-stairs there is a Mondop which houses the 21 inches wide, 5 feet long, and 11 inches deep foot-print. The footprint is sheltered by a mirrored canopy and sits behind heavy doors which are inlaid with mother-of-pearl.

Interesting Practices

Here visitors/pilgrims embellish the footprint with gold leaves and throw coins in its water, which they then retrieve and take away as a charm or a revered object.

Admission Fee: 30 Baht

Opening Time: Daily

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