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Wat Pha Ban Tat

Posted on: 24th February 2016

Wat Pha Ban Tat is definitely different and unique among other Udon Thani attractions. Located to the south of the province it is surrounded by lush forest cover which is the only piece of virgin forest that remains untouched in whole of the province.

The Tale of Wat Pha Ban Tat’s Construction

Wat Pha Ban Tat was constructed by a monk named Ajahn Maha Boowa, who as the story goes was in search of peace and hence was always wandering; people began to designate him as the forest monk for he never stopped at one place just like nomads. Today he is considered one of the most revered Buddhist monks in Thailand. It is said that he stayed at the place where the Wat sits at present; he taught and was very strict in his teachings regarding meditation and dhutanga practices which he used to impart to other monks and novices. Before long his practices and teachings were well accepted by his followers and villagers, hence they began to request him to stay and quit wandering. He was offered a piece of land which he accepted considering the old age of his own mother; he felt responsible for her well-being and decided to stay and started the construction of the temple in November 1955.

Highlight: Legend of three Leopard/Tigers

There is a legends associated with Wat Pha Ban Tat’s surrounding forest which involves three leopards or tigers. It is simply not clear whether the predators were leopards or tigers but as per legends they roamed about in the forest and used to hunt dogs and not humans. Wat Pha Ban Tat, ever since its construction has been a place that focused the development of brain and hence is widely known for its meditation centric teachings which are further based on teachings of Buddha.

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Opening Time: 7am to 5pm

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