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Wat Pha Ban Koh

Wat Pha Ban Koh Posted on: 24th February 2016

Situated close to Na Kha Silk Village, Wat Pha Ban Koh is a forest temple which lies on the north of Udon Thani province in Tambon Khuea Nam area. Wat Pha Ban Koh is known for a pagoda named Phra Maha That Chedi Chaloem Barami Phra Nawamin, which sits within its parameters. This pagoda is believed to house the relics of Lord Buddha and its insides are richly decorated with sculptures that depict the history of Lord Buddha plus Jataka stories. In addition to this it also houses numerous Buddha images.


It is considered the best place to practice Buddha teachings!

By Udon Thani administration Wat Pha Ban Koh has been designated as ‘Udon Thani Chaloem Phra Kiat Mind Development Centre where many visitors both local and foreigners come and practice Dharma i.e. Buddha’s teachings. In addition to the pagoda, the temple is really spacious and has many other buildings which are mainly monk quarters.

Other Highlights

Wat Pha Ban Koh’s entrance is guarded by two large elephants and the garden area is also well maintained; if one is visiting in the evening, one would be able to hear the mesmerizing songs of the birds. For music lovers, this is definitely a highlight!! Try to be there before the temple closes!!

How to Reach Wat Pha Ban Koh?

For those who are going to visit using their car or a rental can follow the simple instructions: Take highway number 2 from the town of Tambon Khuea Nam. Turn left after kilometer marker number 13 which will lead one to Highway number 2021. Move ahead, after covering 20 kilometers take a right turn, proceed and cover another 3 kilometers to reach the temple. Udon Thani car rental allow one to cover any number of kilometers through its ‘Unlimited Mileage’ inclusion; in addition to this these also cover various others like CDW and THW. Hence, book a car hire at Thailand Cars Rentals at affordable prices.

Opening Time: 8:30am to 4:30 pm

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