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Wat Mani Phraison

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Wat Mani Phraison is the oldest temple in Mae Sot; its most outstanding feature is its structure called “Samphutthe” which is surrounded by 223 smaller pagodas-each having a niche which holds an image of Buddha. This structure also acts as Wihan which according to Thai architecture means that the place which holds the prime images of Buddha and also acts as the hall where monks and people come to pray. In addition to the prime Buddha images, this place also holds wax statues of various respected monks, the place is really pleasing to look at and the outer walls contain various paintings of scenes from Buddhist scriptures.


More About the Temple

Wat Mani Phraison is about 230 years old and is located in the heart of Mae Sot, which is also known as Little Burma. This temple has a unique structure; also called “Chedi Wihan Samphutthe” this temple’s compound also contains about 512,028 images of Buddha. It starts with the entrance where a tall and standing golden Buddha welcomes the travelers followed by a Buddha image forged in Chinese style and hence as one goes about one can witness hundreds of thousands of Buddha images. In addition to these there are images of deceased monks which are kept in high regard by the people of Thailand.

What Else?

It also has separate on-site sauna for men and women towards the back of monastery, which makes use of traditional herbs. In addition to this the place is also known for its peace and serenity which is heightened by the flowering plants and the mesmerising ‘cannonball trees’. It is located near Mae Sot market place and the temple’s building done in colors of gold and royal red with tints of blue and green mosaics makes it look like a diamond as it shines when it pristine surface reflects light. Start the trip with this Mae Sot attraction in a car rental and move about the city in a vehicle offered by one of our numerous partner suppliers. These suppliers are known to provide car hire deals at varied prices with free inclusions like CDW, THW, Unlimited Mileage and Local Taxes etc.

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