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Wat Khunaram – The Mummified Monk in Ko Samui

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Wat Khunaram is one of the most famous Buddhist temples at Ko Samui. It houses a mummified body of the monk Luang Pho Daeng who was the most famous monk of Ko Samui. For most of the foreign travelers, watching mummy might be an uncomfortable experience but for the Buddhist devotees, it is a sacred body which they worship. The monk Luang Pho Daeng was meditating when he died and his body is displayed in a glass casket which is placed in a sitting position. Thai people pray to the monk and offer flowers, fruits and incense sticks.


About Monk Luang Pho Daeng

Born in 1894, Luang Pho Daeng was 20 years old when his parents sent him to a Buddhist School for educational studies. He studied there for two years and returned to his home, get married and had five children. At the age of 50, he decided to go back to the temple to offer his services and he left his home. In 1973 when he was 79 years old, he predicted his death. He ordered his pupils that after his death if his body starts to decompose, he should be cremated and his ashes should be scattered in Ko Samui. But, if his body doesn’t decay, it should be kept as it is. One week before his he started meditation and stopped to eat, drink and talking. While meditating, he didn’t even moved for many days and finally he just stopped breathing, but he remained in the lotus position, back straight and legs crossed. Surprisingly even after more than 40 years, his body is free of any traces of decomposition.

Useful Information

Wat Khunaram is located on the Route 4169, just 3 km from Na Muang safari park. It can be visited on any day during the daylight and there is no admission fee. You can rent a car in Ko Samui to reach Wat Khunaram and any other attraction on the island. Parking is also available in the temple grounds. Since it is a Buddhist temple, visitors are advised to dress carefully. We offer the finest fuel-efficient and affordable car rental deals for Ko Samui with value added benefits like inclusions and add-ons etc. We also offer a booking support service, which is free of cost and like online booking is quick but here one can also seek answers and advice of the booking support professionals.

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