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Wat Kham Chanot

Wat Kham Chanot Posted on: 24th February 2016

Wat Kham Chanot’s Naga Link

Wat Kham Chanot is a Buddhist temple located near a place called Ban Kham Chanot village in Udon Thani Province and sits close to a lake in Wang Nakhin area where a mythical snake named Naga lord Sisotho is believed to live. It is also believed that this place is the gateway to the mystical water world which is the true home of the Naga. Therefore, worship of this mythical Naga is the main feature of Wat Kham Chanot who is believed to have a hide-out here. However it is interesting to note that it is a forest monastery where about ten monks reside at present.

Interestingly, Wat Kham Chanot temple is linked to another Wat via a bridge which is 100 meters in length. One should note that one has to leave their shoes outside while visiting; there is no need to worry much because it is a rare possibility that your shoes will go missing or you can take a precaution by ditching your costly shoes for this visit.


Why Rub The Gongs?

Many visitors visit this place from faraway places, mostly on weekends, to pay their respects and it is also believed that who-so-ever visits the place is blessed with a good fortune. Moreover, the place has many big gongs placed at random which people rub; the belief behind these actions is that if while rubbing a sound or a vibration is produced it indicated that good fortune is certainly in store. The place also has a few images of Buddha where one can see a lot of Thais paying their respects in addition to trees; many people pray the spirits to have a close look at their lives and will them for help.

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Opening Time: 7 am to 5 pm

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