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Wat Huay Mongkol

Posted on: 26th February 2016

Wat Huay Mongkol is a temple located in Hua Hin and is dedicated to a Thai monk named Luang Phor Thuad, who was known for his spiritual knowledge and his ability to perform miracles. Hire a car at Hua Hin Airport from us and know more about the mythology that temples convey. Don’t loose the chance to have your desired car at such affordable prices with an added option of one-way rental.


About Luang Phor Thuad

The monk on question is one of the most revered monks where many of his miracles have found their place in history. One of the most talked about miracle is the one where he was on a journey from Thailand to Ayutthaya; legend says that in order to save the crew members from dehydration, he had converted the sea water into fresh water. Other incidents put light on his supernatural powers through which he was able to avert the ordeals and severe accidents or natural elements like fire etc.

How did it come about?

The temple was constructed at the orders of Queen Sirikit where the statue of the lord monk sits on a raised pavilion which is surrounded by venues like a lake, a sunflower field and an elephant sanctuary. The most interesting fact is that the pavilion itself is dedicated to the spirits of the teak trees. At the back of the statue there is a huge teak that fell some time back and people come here to pay their respects and to make wishes.

This is actually the animalistic aspect of Buddhism where all elements of nature are considered pious and are worshiped and it is a belief that if a wish is made with these spirits in attendance, they are granted.

Opening Hours

It remains open every day from 5 in the morning till 10 at night.

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