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Top 5 Reasons to visit Thailand

Top 5 Reasons to visit Thailand Posted on: 9th January 2015

There are numerous reasons as to why your next travel or holiday destination should be none other than Thailand. Thailand has a lot to offer to every tourist with a different travel budget. A country with a Buddhist heritage dating back to more than a thousand years, Thailand has been a very important tourist destination for people seeking to explore the eastern wonders that this fabulous nation has managed to preserve.


Though there are countless reasons to visit this country, but here are listed the top 5 reasons:

The Grand Palace

Grand Palace of Bangkok is undoubtedly worth a visit. For about 150 years The Grand Palace was not only the house of the king and court, but also the headquarters of the entire government. The kings of Thailand stopped living there in the early twentieth century, but the complex remains the spiritual heart of the Kingdom of Thailand. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is in a corner, next to the outdoor patio.

The Grand Palace

Golden Triangle

A very important attraction and a must visit for any one traveling to Thailand, Golden Triangle is locally known as Sop Rauk. It is the point where not only the rivers Mekong and Ruak meet each other, but also Burma, Laos and Thailand meet each other.



Elephant Nature Park, Chang Mai

For animal and nature lovers, a visit to the elephant nature park is a must for everyone. It is here that you get to truly interact with elephants that are free willed and not treated as captives. Situated in the Mae Taeng district of Chang Mai, this nature park is a project that works to provide a refuge for all elephants in pain from all over the country.


Island Cruising

When it comes to beautiful island, Thailand is filled in abundance with some of the most picturesque and eye catching island. A coastline of 5,000 miles consisting of numerous island with white sandy beaches and a lush green environment. Explore the islands and interact with the locals living there and indulge in water sports like snorkeling and many others.


Ancient monuments and parks

Thailand has a variety of architectural marvels and natural parks that are just a feast for the eyes. There are many UNESCO heritage sites and lush green gardens to explore. Also enjoy countless hiking, camping and adventure sport spots in these destinations.



Some of the most popular national parks are:

  • Doi Inthanon
  • Khao Yai
  • Sai Yok
  • Khao Sok

Ancient Sights which are a must visit?:

  • Phimai Park
  • Phanom Rung Park
  • Kaho Sai Dao waterfall
  • Thilosu waterfall

Thailand is a nation which has a lot to offer to its guests. It is a country which has not only evolved with time but has also managed to retain its culture and historical essence in the most graceful way possible.

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