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Tribal Museum

Posted on: 26th February 2016

If one is interested in knowing more about the cultures and practices of the tribal people of Thailand then one must pay a visit to the Tribal Museum of Chiang Mai. It was established by Ministry of Labor’s Department of Public Welfare in 1967 and at present is located at Ratchamangkla Park on Chotana Road Muang and can be reached from Chiang Mai downtown in a time span of 30 minutes. By the means of renting a car in Chiang Mai Downtown, one can not only travel the town in an enjoyable manner but also cherish each and every moment. Hence, rent a car and ride on to the 3029 route and have a great travel experience to Tribal Museum.

These Tribes Are Thailand’s Cultural Backbone!!

The cultural magnetism of Thailand is powerful and griping; the culture and tradition of tribal people is Thailand’s legacy and is in dire need of preservation. With the advent of technology and development, these tribes are facing a lot of difficulties as a result they are at the verge of losing their individual identities. Hence the ultimate aim of the Tribal museum is to preserve the customs and invaluable cultural heritage of these tribes. Many tribes have been covered by the museum which includes names like Akha, Karen and Yao et al which are distributed all over the country for instance tribes like Akha and Lisu prefer plains whereas Karen and Yao prefer valleys.

Moreover these tribes have different languages, dressing costumes, customs, religions and different ethnic origins, and hence are way different from the majority of Thai population which resides in towns and urban areas.

Tribal Museum’s Collection

The Tribal Museum’s collection uses an organization pattern which includes segments like clothing, housing, musical instruments, agriculture and numerous exhibitions that include wind instruments, baskets, drums, hunting and farming implements or weapons etc.

Opening Time: Monday to Friday from 9 am till 4 pm

Admission Fee: Nil, though one can make donations

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