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Ton Pariwat Wildlife Conservation Area

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Covering a total area of about 40,000 acres of beautiful shady trees, Ton Pariwat Wildlife Conservation Area lies approximately 25 km from Phang-Nga town. The sanctuary is situated in Tambon Song Phraek on Highway No. 4, between Kapong district and Phang-Nga town. For getting there by car, you would have to take a right turn at Ban Song Phraek and continue driving for another 10 km before arriving at your destination. Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary is home to ‘Namtok Ton Pariwat’ or ‘Namtok Song Phraek’ as the locals call it. This is a low-rise waterfall about a hundred meters away from the sanctuary’s headquarters. The water tends to gush down strongly during the rainy season. There is a pond at the foot of the waterfall containing a few deposits of ores.

Overall, Ton Pariwat Wildlife Conservation Area is a wonderful place to spend a day amid a waterfall and a variety of flora. Entrance to the sanctuary is free. Make this trip with a Phang-Nga car rental at hand and move about the city and visit its attractions in a hassle-free manner. Book with us and make use of various facilities that we make available with our car rental deals; affordable prices and free booking support comes are offered as the added bonus.


Exploring Ton Pariwat Wildlife Conservation Area

For the adventurous, Ton Pariwat Wildlife Conservation Area offers a 2 km long nature trail. Along the route, you’ll find the Bua Phut–Rafflesia kerrii, a rare plant species bearing the largest flower in the world (approx. 80 cm in diameter). Also along the way, you’ll get to see many bird-watching zones, traces of old mines and Namtok Hin Phoeng – a watershed. A guide will assist you in trekking along the trail that normally takes about an hour. There are many adventure companies at Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary that offer elephant treks. You can go for a ride on an elephant’s back through the forest. Whitewater rafting excursions are also available throughout the year and takes about 45 minutes for one trip. You’re recommended to bring your own tents if you intend on camping. The wildlife sanctuary is also a great spot for bird-watching. The vast open spaces enable birders to connect with the wide range of species. So when it comes to bird-watching in Phang-Nga, Ton Pariwat Wildlife Conservation Area is the place to go.

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