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The Terracotta Garden in Chiang Mai

The-Terracotta-Garden-in-Chiang-Mai Posted on: 19th February 2016

The Terracotta Garden in Chiang Mai is a great example of art and one of the must visit attractions in the city. This mysterious and magical place is also known as Baan Phor Liang Meun and it is located on the middle of Chiang Mai. It houses a huge collection of terracotta figures representing Buddhist and various mythological figures which are hidden among the garden’s walls and trees. This is a private garden but open for public for free. In this garden, we can see amazing terracotta art in a peaceful environment which isolated from the traffic and noise of the city. It is a pleasure to visit the garden after spending time in the chaotic market of Chiang Mai.


Visiting the Terracotta Garden

This garden is spread over 55 acres of land and you will find terracotta statues in the every corner of the garden. The terracotta figures of this place are replicas of Asian art from the time of the Angkor Empire. Among the others, you can see the statues of Buddha, Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu, Singha and Nagas. The artwork of Bang Phor Liang Meun Terracotta Gardens is highly valued by the wealthy Asian buyers. The big statues made here are in great demand and you will find many statues which have been acquired by a local or foreign collector. Visitors can also see and learn the art of sculpting which is demonstrated by its workers. Everything in the garden is for sale but even if you have no intention to buy to buy anything, you still can admire the art and beauty of this mystical place.

Useful Information

The Bang Phor Liang Meun Terracotta Gardens is located behind the Chiang Mai Gate in the local market. The site can be visited on any day between 8 am and 5 pm. Admission is free. It also has a gift shop selling various artworks. Book a car hire in Chiang Mai and explore all the attraction with an ease.

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