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Thao Suranaree Monument

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Thao Suranaree Monument comprises of a black copper statue of Khun Ying Mo; built in 1937 it stands as a tribute to the bravest woman in the history of Thailand who through her grit and courage was successfully able to deflect Korat’s invasion by Laos in 1800s. The statue of this courageous lady who is affectionately also known as Ya Mo or ‘Grandma Ya Mo’ sits in front of Chumphon Gate.

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What Does History Say?

Khun Ying Mo was wife of Mr. Thongkham-who at that time was holding office as the main provincial political affairs officer in Rama III Kingdom. When Prince of Vientiane revolted, his army attacked and took hold of Korat. It was easily accomplished because at that time her husband also called Phrayasuriyadej was away and only minors were present who failed to defend at the time of seizure.

What Did She Do?

One version of the legend says that when they were removed as captives, she did her best to delay the journey; for instance, asked for the axes so as to mend broken coaches and demanded resting periods for the fatigued captives and so on. She motivated the prisoners and conveyed her plans and when the time was right she convinced the women to lure the Lao army so that the men can attack the distracted enemy.

Their surprised attack and correct timing led to their freedom, they won the battle and she was bestowed the title of ‘Thao Suranaree’ by the king. The statue as stated above is made up of black copper and it depicts Khun Ying Mo in a standing posture, wearing regalia with a sword in her right hand. Khun Ying Mo’s ashes that used to reside in a pagoda in Wat Sala Loi temple are now kept at the base of this 1.85 meters high statue.

Opening Time: 24/7

Admission fee: No admission fee

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