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Taksin Maharat National Park

taksin-maharat-national-park-mae-sot Posted on: 25th February 2016

Taksin Maharat National Park is Mae Sot’s one of the best packaged destinations infused with delightful views offered by its mountainous terrains with their sheets of mesmerizing mist. Covering an area of about 149 square kilometer, Taksin Maharat is Thailand’s 40th National Park and was given this status in 23 December 1981.


Main Attractions of the National Park

Don Krabak Yai:
Initially the park was given a name ‘Don Krabak Yai’. The reason behind the name was that its forest cover that includes evergreen, pine, deciduous and dipterocarp has a gem of a tree called Giant Krabak which is not only 700 years old but also has a height of about 50 meters and a girth of about 16.1 meters.

Saphan Hin:
It is a natural stone bridge, basically a massive stone that spans the gap between two cliffs. It has a height and width of 25 meters and is 30 meters in length, a stream that flows beneath this natural structure acts as the added boon.

The national park has a number of waterfalls out of which Sam Muan Thung is the biggest among popular ones like Mae Ya Pa and Pha Khao-Pha Daeng.

Accommodation Facilities Offered by the Park

Taksin Maharat National Park offers accommodation options as there are three bungalows that are available for hire which can accommodate about 6 to 12 persons at a time.

How to Reach?

Taksin Maharat National Park can be reached by taking the highway number 105 from Tak that leads to the west. Once one reaches Tak-Mae Sot Highway’s ‘26 kilometer marker’ one has to cover 2 more kilometers from there to reach tambon Mae Tor and Pa Wor where the park starts. Cover any stretch of land with our Mae Sot rental vehicle through facilities like unlimited mileage which are provided by our suppliers as inclusives with the offered car hire deals. Low cost, numerous inclusions and timely service make us one of the finest car rental service providers in Thailand.

Opening Time: 6am till 6 pm

Admission Fee: 200 Baht/adult and 100 Baht/child

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