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Songkhla Lake

Songkhla-Lake Posted on: 26th February 2016

The Largest Natural Lake in Thailand

About 80 km long and 20-25 km wide, Songkhla Lake is the largest and the only natural lake in Thailand. With brackish water close to its mouth, this freshwater lake consists of several small islands that are worth a visit for a relaxing day-out. Some of the major ones include Ko Yo, Ko Yai, Ko Kaeo, Ko Rai, Ko Ha, Ko Si and Ko Mak. Out of these, the island of Ko Yo is the main tourism venue of Songkhla Lake as well as a center of cultural attractions. The Tinsulanonda Bridge, Thailand’s longest concrete bridge, connects the island to the mainland Songkhla Province.


KhuKhut Water Fowl Park

A part of Songkhla Lake, KhuKhut Water Fowl Park is a must-visit. Spanning a total area of about 90,110 acres, the park covers areas of both Pattalung and Songkhla Provinces. On April 19, 1976, it was declared as the Hunting Prohibition Area of Songkhla Lake. There are about 219 species of birds at the park. About an hour’s ride away by boat, the areas of ThaHin and KohKob are known for providing the best bird-watching experience. The appropriate time for watching the birds is from December to March each year. Aside from bird-watching, KhuKhut Water Fowl Park has some beautiful surrounding nature spots which offer spectacular views, especially during the sunset. Sightseeing boats are available for exploring these spots. Each boat can carry up to 6 passengers and the fee is around 200 Baht per boat. For visitors, the park also has accommodations and restaurants in the bureau’s area. There are 4 accommodation rooms in all, each costing around 200 Baht. KhuKhut Water Fowl Park is open everyday from 8 AM till 5 PM.

Practical Information

There are boats available for taking a tour around the lake. Long-tailed boat services can be found at the port behind the fresh market and the post office. We offer best car hire in Songkhla through our booking engine which is a hub of car sizes where facilities like roadside assistance and unlimited Mileage are also covered. Rent a car in Songkhla with us and get access to numerous other offerings like add-ons etc by our suppliers at affordable prices.

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