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Sky View Tower @ Mangrove Research Center

Posted on: 26th February 2016

Sky View Tower, located at Pak Nam Suburb near downtown area was established by a team which includes: Rayon Municipal, Mangrove and Rayong River preservation Center plus IRPC Public Limited Company. It provides a panoramic view of Rayong River and the lush mangrove forest; it presents the best opportunity to experience the mangrove ecology up-close. Sky View Tower was built to celebrate 84th birthday anniversary of King Rama IX and was opened with a mangrove research center on 28th November 2012.


Sky View Tower’s Wooden Walkway

Not just the tower and the mangrove forest, the place is also known for its wooden walkway which is 400 meters in length and about one meter in width. On both the sides of the walkway are the mangrove trees and their various types, where signs and detailed information boards mark the species. Though, to the inconvenience of the foreign visitors, all the information is written in Thai language yet there are enough pictures that help understanding the ecosystem and how animals live in the lap of nature.

When the wooden walkway comes to an end the tower comes into view; the tower sits besides the Rayong River and has eleven levels. The tower has a triangular shape and is approximately 22 meters high and 8 meters wide. The top of the tower which can be accessed through its spiral staircase gives a splendid view of the river, the mangrove forest, the distant houses and the sea.

Mangrove Research Center

Mangrove Research Center is the place where many off-springs of marine life are kept until they are big enough to survive in the sea on their own as this increases their chances of surviving and reaching adulthood. It has been credited as World Biosphere Reserve Zone by UNESCO. Having an advantage of renting a car at Bowing Downtown by Thailand Cars Rentals certainly helps several travelers by providing affordable priced cars to explore the district. So, grasp an opportunity to hire a car with best inclusions and travel extensively through the district to explore such Research Centers and other attractions as well.

Opening Time (Mangrove Research Center): 8:30 am to 5 pm

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