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Sirinath National Park in Phuket

Posted on: 19th February 2016

A protected area spread over 90 acres including land and sea, Sirinat National Park is one of the must visit places in Phuket. It consists of two popular beaches (Mai Khao Beach and Nai yang Beach), Mai Khao wildlife reserve and the former Nai Yang National Park. This protected area is spread 68 sq. km into the sea and 22 sq. km on the land. In 1980 after surveying the region of Phuket, Mr. Sanae Wattanathorn (the governor of Phuket at that time) select some important places which needed to be preserved. In 1981, Sirinat National Park was established and opened for public.


What to See at Sirinath National Park

Many white sand beaches are located at Sirinath National Park where tourists can relax or enjoy swimming in the sea. The marine part of the Sirinath National Park is very popular among snorkelers and divers. Here, tourists can also discover diverse coral reefs. It also has an amazing flora and fauna which can be divided into two categories: mangrove forest and beach forest. The mangrove forest is a home to numerous bird species such as Collared kingfisher, Terek sandpiper, Brahminy kite and Sanderling. The beach forest is inhabited by birds species like myna, bulbul, Magpie Robin and dove. In the visitor’s center of the park, you can see amazing exhibit of shells and corals as well as land and marine fauna.

Practical Information

Sirinat National Park is open daily from 8:30 am to 4 pm. Accommodation options including bungalows and tents are also available in the park. A restaurant is also located in the park and many coffee and soft drink stalls can also be found here. A car rental from Thailand Cars Rentals at Phuket International Airport can get you to Sirinath National Park in around 15 minutes. Parking space is also available at the park.

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