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Similan Islands

Posted on: 26th February 2016

This group of islands and huge rocks lies about 68 km from Khao Lak. You can reach these islands within 90 minutes from Phang-Nga by a speedboat or just over 8 hours from Phuket by a slow boat. In 1982, Similan Islands were pronounced a marine national park and consequently, the area remains largely underdeveloped. Offering impressive underwater visibility, the water surrounding the islands teem with colorful coral and tropical fish. As such, the diving is generally regarded to be the most exceptional in the region and it also competes with some of the finest in the world. Similan Islands have a very intriguing submarine topography and it is largely due to the massive granite boulders that lie 35 meters beneath the waves in jumbled heaps.

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Enjoy Diving and Snorkeling at the Islands

On the surface of Similan Islands, the huge boulders along with the white sand beaches and lush rainforest offer a peaceful refuge. The area attracts visitors in increasing numbers per year, particularly during the peak season months from December to March. This is the time when the visibility of the waters surrounding the area is at its best. Day trips to Similan Islands for snorkeling and diving are popular. However, if you’re a serious diver, you are recommended to arrive on liveaboard trips for taking maximum advantage ofall that the islands have to present in terms of opportunities for diving. Diving companies operating from Phang-Nga and Phuket offer numerous tour itineraries together with diving instructions for beginners.

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