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The Shrine of King Naresuan the Great

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Shrine of King Naresuan the Great stands as an ode to the biggest and the most remembered king in Thai history- King Naresuan who was also popular as ‘Black prince’ before he donned the responsibilities of a King in 1590. Born in Phitsanulok, King Naresuan’s father was King of Phitsanulok; in 1964 when Ayutthaya was seized for the second time, small pox breakdown and depletion of food grain forced the king to surrender. Prince Naresuan and his younger brother were taken as captives by the Burmese king Bayinnaung and their father was made a vassal king.


What Happened Next?

Like other captive princes, Naresuan’s education and military training was taken care and was also a friend to King Bayinnaung’s son Phra Maha Uparat. There is a very interesting story that goes as follows: once he and prince of Burma had a match of cock fighting, Naresuan won and it was at this occasion that he first voiced his intentions of freeing Siam one day. It is because of his efforts and brave actions that by the time he died, Siam was not only an independent country but also stronger. The fact that in this growing up years, in lack of much company he befriended cocks as a result the gardens of the shrine are full of cock statues.

Other Highlights

Located in Wichian Buri District in Phetchabun province of Thailand, this statue is the symbol of his stature which is still prevalent in the eyes of Thai people as the monarch which freed the people of Siam from clutches of foreign rule. The shrine houses a statue of the King which was built by the locals of Wichian Buri District so as to pay tribute to the brave king. Every year a celebration is organized at the site between 24 and 26th January by the District Office. It is a must visit for the travelers who have already visited ‘Shrine of King Taksin the Great’ and since it is about 5 hours from Mae Sot, a fuel efficient rental vehicle from us is the best way to travel in a hassle-free manner. Contact our booking support team and know more about our Mae Sot Airport car hire deals.

Opening Time: It remains open 24/7

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