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The Secret Buddha Garden

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Surrounded by lush green forests, The Secret Buddha Garden is located in the interior of Ko Samui. It is hidden in the mountains and also known as Magic Garde and Heaven’s Garden. The garden has an unusual collection of sculptures representing humans figures in different positions. It also has many statues of various deities. The Secret Buddha Garden is located at one of the highest points in Ko Samui and the views from here and on the way to the top is spectacular, with many vantage points from where you can admire the panorama of the island. It is a place which you can not miss on your trip to the Island of Ko Samui.


Highlights of the Secret Buddha Garden

This beautiful garden was built in 1976 by Nim Thongsuk, a Samuian farmer. He was 77 years old when he established the Secret Buddha Garden. This site is very peaceful and cool and it is protected by dense forest from the sun and it is traversed by a stream. Nearby, you can also find a waterfall. The sculptures located here are in all shapes and sizes and they are scattered all around. The statues include various animals, humans and gods. Each statue tells a different story and based on mythology and has a meaning behind the art. You can also see the statue of Nim Thongsuk which is sitting on a rock in a relaxed position. Nim worked for more than 14 years to expand this garden.

Useful Information

The Secret Buddha Garden is located at Baan Saket on Route 4169. Many tour operators have the Secret Buddha Garden in their guided tour programs. Travelers who wish to explore the island on their can book a car hireĀ in Koh Samui; booking can be made online and for those who are not that tech-friendly can reach our booking support team through toll-free numbers or via live chat.

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