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Sankampaeng Hot Springs in Chiang Mai

Posted on: 19th February 2016

Located just 40 km from the city center, the Sankampaeng Hot Springs is a popular place in Chiang Mai. People come here to spend their free time or a weekend with family while soaking their feet in warm water and boiling chicken eggs in the hottest area of the pool. The hot water in the pool comes naturally from the underground. Although the Sankampaeng hot springs is an interesting place for a visit at any time of the year but, the winter season is when it receives most of the visitors. Here, visitors can also admire the beautiful nature and breathtaking mountain sceneries.


What to Do at Sankampaeng Hot Springs

There are many places in Thailand where hot springs emerge from the underground, but the hot springs in the north Thailand are the most popular. The hot springs of Sankampaeng are full of minerals which are beneficial to the body but also provide relaxation when you soak your feet in the warm water. The hot water of the springs stimulates blood circulation in the legs, easing muscle pain and psychological stress. It is also beneficial for our skin.One of the most popular activity here is to boil the chicken eggs; you can buy a basket of eggs from the nearby shops and soak them the hot water of the pool. When the eggs get boiled, you can eat them with a little soy sauce.

Practical Information

A car rental in Chiang Mai is the most convenient way to reach the Sankampaeng Hot Springs. Car parking is also available there. You can easily locate the hot springs using Google Maps in your smartphone and all the roads are also well indicated. It can be visited on any day of the week between 8:30 am and 6 pm. There is a small entry fee to visit the hot springs. You can also rent private bathrooms with pools.

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