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Samila Beach

Samila Beach Posted on: 26th February 2016

One of the Most Popular Beaches in Songkhla

The beautiful city of Songkhla is home to quite a few stunning beaches and one of them is Samila Beach. Well known for its shady pine groves and sparkling white sand, it is an ideal spot to savor a nice refreshing swim and escape the heat. The beach is situated in the City Municipality, about 2.5 km from the fresh market known amongst the locals as Thalat Sot Thetsaban or Thalat Supsin. Offering excellent accommodation with amazing beach views, the BP Samila Beach Hotel is a very popular on-site hotel. There is a statue of a mermaid right in front of this hotel which has become the postcard image of Songkhla. The atmosphere at Samila Beach is pleasantly relaxed and tranquil, the scenes are picturesque and the water is perfect for swimming and playing around with your loved ones. What more could you possibly ask for?


A Day Out at the Beach

Samila Beach presents a great opportunity to enjoy a relaxing walk along the seafront. The entire area is well-equipped with sidewalks and pavilions in addition to the benches that are tucked away under the Casuarina trees. You can also explore the beach on a horseback, which always is an appealing option. While at the beach, you can pose for pictures with the resident Nang Nguek Thong or Golden Mermaid – a statue that commemorates a romantic but sad folk legend of the area. It is now Songkhla’s iconic symbol and has become a shrine to the locals who believe that it possesses the ability to grant them good fortunes. From here, you’ll also get to see the islands of Ko Maeo and Ko Nu (Maeo meaning cat and Nu meaning mouse) which are steeped in legend as well.

While Thailand boasts much more aesthetically pleasant beaches than Samila, a trip to this characterful beach will nevertheless be an enjoyable one. So make sure to visit it during your tour of Songkhla. Thailand Cars Rentals offer best car hire deals for Songkhla Hat Yai; presence of our numerous suppliers makes sure that travelers gets access to deals at competitive prices for almost all car categories. Book with us in three simple steps- Search, Compare and Book, through our portal and get hold of your best-suited deal in just a couple of minutes.

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