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Safari World Park – The Largest Zoo in Bangkok

Safari World Park Posted on: 9th March 2016

Located in the north of Bangkok, Safari is considered the world’s largest open zoo and is about 45 kilometers away from the Thai capital. It offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors of all ages. The Safari World Park is spread over 200 acres of land and it is divided into two parts: Safari Park and Marine Park. The safari park is home to more than hundred of species of wild animals such as lions, tigers, orangutans, rhinos, zebras, monkeys and giraffes. In the marine park, visitors can see dolphins shows, sea lion exhibit, crocodile garden and a lot more attractions.

Attractions and Facilities Available at the Safari World Park

Safari World

Other than wildlife, visitors can also enjoy various adventurous activities and entertaining exhibits at the Safari World Park. Jungle River Cruise, water skiing, Hollywood Cowboy Stunt, tropical rainforest aviary and Orangutan boxing are few names of attractions available at the Safari World Park. Two buffet restaurants with combined seating capacity of 2500 guest are located in the park. Two fast food restaurants are also available there serving a wide range of local and international dishes. Visitors can also buy gifts and souvenirs from the park’s gift shop. Kids will really enjoy at the Safari World Park.

Practical Information

The park is open all year round between 9 am and 5 pm. Car parking for over 2000 vehicles is also available in the park. Wheelchairs are also available in the park.

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