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Ratchaprabha Dam in Surat Thani

Ratchaprabha Dam in Surat Thani Posted on: 23rd February 2016

Ratchaprabha Dam is among the most popular places in Surat Thani and a must visit attractions on a visit to Khao Sok. Locally, it is known as Chieo Lan Dam and it was built in 1982 to ensure the water supply to the southern parts of the country. Also, it generates 554 million kilowatt of electricity every hour. The dam is 94 meters high and 761 meters long, and it’s water reservoir (Cheow Lan Lake) covers an area of 185 sq. kilometers. Cheow Lan Lake has given birth to hundreds of small islands and it offers views of stunning limestone mountains. Every year, Ratchaprabha Dam receives thousands of local and foreign tourists.


Useful Information

The Ratchaprabha Dam is located almost 75 km from Surat Thani on the highway 401. Travelers can hire a rental car in Surat Thani to reach the dam comfortably. You can also enjoy boat trips to cruise around the Cheow Lan Lake. Accommodation options are also available near the dam which are provided by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. Only a small restaurant and some few souvenir shops are located near the dam. You can also find numerous other tourist attraction nearby and a car rental will be very useful to explore theregion.

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