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Phung Chang Cave – The Elephant Belly Cave

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Also known as the ‘Elephant Belly Cave’, Phung Chang Cave is one of the most interesting places to visit in Thailand. It bears this fancy name as it is located inside the big rock which gives an appearance of an elephant’s body. The cave is situated on the limestone mountain ‘Chang’, which in Thai means elephant. ‘Phung’ is the Thai word for belly and so, the cave gets its name the Elephant Belly Cave. Phung Chang Cave is located in Thai Chang in the district of Mueang Phang-Nga. Not more than a couple of kilometers from Phang-Nga Town, it takes just a 4-minute drive via Route 4 to reach the cave. Phung Chang opens daily from 8am to 6pm and a tour of the whole area costs around 500 Baht.

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phung-chang-cave – the-elephant-belly-cave

A Journey Through the Phung Chang Cave

Exploring Phung Chang Cave means an impressive 1.2 km journey into the heart of a limestone cliff. Upon entering, you’ll find that the cave is full of stalagmites, stalactites and other incredible rock formations. As you venture into the cave, your guide will point out the rock formations and explain what they resemble eg. an elephant, a dragon, a crocodile etc. You’ll also notice bats in large numbers on the ceiling including bumblebee bats – the world’s smallest bats. You’ll be provided with torches and the guide will take you further into the cave. The water here is shallow and you’ll be taken in a canoe along the first two levels and then on a bamboo raft once you go past them. You’ll then have to walk to reach the end of the cave. You might find the experience a bit spooky, turning off your torch and finding yourself amidst complete darkness in the depths of a mountain. But again, exploring Phung Chang delivers the excitement a tourist seeks for in a vacation and is an adventure not to be missed when in Phang-Nga.

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