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Phu Pha Man National Park

Posted on: 22nd February 2016

Phu Pha Man National Park covers an area of 218,750 Rai and covers various areas of Amphoe Phu Pha Man and Amphoe Chum Phae. It has a beautiful green landscape with towering limestone cliffs as its backdrop which also acts as the landmark for the National Park.


Phu Pha Man National Park Attractions

Its mix of forest type keeps it cool and inviting all round the year; the favorable climate and the following attractions play a major role in attracting the tourists

Tham Klang Khao

This is a cave which is located in Phu Pha Man Mountain and its entrance is about 100 meters above sea level and is a natural habitat of millions of bats. It is considered the highlight for every evening around 6, all the bats leave their perches to find food and while doing so they form a big moving cloud in the sky; the sight presented is a must-see. This leave the cave in a line and the process lasts around 30-45 minutes.


Namtok Tat Fa is noted for its five stepped structure through which water cascades down to form this waterfall. The last step is the most impressive one with a height of 80 meters. Other notable waterfalls in Phu Pha Man National Park are Namtok Tat Rong, Namtok Plan Thong and Namtok Tat Yai.


Tham Phaya Nakharat is deemed the most beautiful; Tham Pha Puang is known for its stalagmites and stalactites whereas Tham Lai Thaeng is known specially for its pre-historic paintings.

How to Get There?

If you’ll be visiting the National Park from Bangkok, you’re advised to rent a car in the city and drive along the highway 201. Although public transport is available, you can save yourself plenty of time and effort if you choose to travel in a private vehicle instead.

Opening Time: 6am to 8pm

Admission Fee: 100 Baht/adult and 50 Baht/child

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