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Phu Langka National Park

Posted on: 22nd February 2016

Phu Langka National Park is sprawled in an area of about 31,250 Rai which also covers never-ending green cover, where three of the regions overpowering mountains with a few nearby ranges and hills, form the perfect backdrop. Cover this big stretch of land with a reliable Nakhon Phanom car rental form us at Thailand Cars Rental and make sure that you get to cover all the attractions this national park offers.


Overview & Highlights

Dry Evergreen forests, Mixed deciduous and Dry dipterocarp etc are many of the forests types found in this region. It is not only a home to abundant wildlife and other plant species but also acts as the watershed area for numerous rivers. It has various must experience natural venues like Nam Tok Tat Kam; the most arresting feature of this waterfall is the mesmerizing sight of its four-tier natural structure.

There is another waterfall named Nam Tok Tat Pho, which is also four-tiered but each of its tiers are more than 10 meters in height, especially the third tier which is more than 30 meters in height; these features distinguishes it from Tat Kam waterfall. Nam Tok Tat Pho originates in Phu Langka Mountain Range and is at least 4 kilometers away from Nam Tok Tat Kam waterfall.

It is also famous for trails out of which three are the most talked about. Their names and lengths are as follows

  • Nam Tok Tat Pho–Tham Ya route which is about 1.5 kilometers long and approximately 1.5 hours on foot
  • Nam Tok Tat Pho–Pha Ngoi route which is about 1.8 kilometers long
  • Third trail’s name is Nam Tok Tat Pho-Chedi Kong Khao Si Bun Nao route which is relatively longer for it takes almost 2 days to complete.

In case of longer trails one needs to bring their own tents and beddings whereas food will be provided by the officials. The National Park provides bedding as well as tents at rent in case the travelers or hikers need accommodation.

Opening Time: The park’s operating time is from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.

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