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Phu Chi Fah

Posted on: 19th February 2016

An ideal location for winters, Phu Chi Fah means ‘mountain pointing to the sky’. During winter, the climate is generally cool and this is the time when various species of colorful flowering shrubs blossom. Staying overnight is the best way to enjoy this picturesque place. You can also find plenty of resorts along the road to the hilltop as well as several campsites near the hill. Phu Chi Fah is particularly popular during winters from mid November till early January. It is situated in Amphur Thoeng, Chaing Rai Province and is a part of the Pa Mae Ing and Pa Mae Ngao National Forest Reserve. The forest park lies a fair distance away from Chiang Rai City and it takes about 2-2.5 hours of drive to get there. Hence, book a fuel efficient car rental for Chiang Rai with us; get to choose from a variety which includes global as well as local brands and which also allows one to embark on a journey with a reasonably priced car at hand.


Experience the Sunrise in Phu Chi Fah

Trekking to the top of the hill to watch the mesmerizing sea of floating clouds and seeing the sun rise and set are a few of the activities you must try in Phu Chi Fah. A trail of about 1.8 km long leads up to a vantage point atop the hill. 50 meters before the top, there is a great spot where you can have fun clicking some photographs. From the cliff of Phu Chi Fah, you can take in the spectacular scenes of the sea of mist during sunrise. If the skies are clear, you could also catch the breathtaking views over the Mekong River. In the morning, the mountains are covered by fog and all you would get to see are the peaks peeping out of the fog. You might have seen some spectacular sunrises before, but the one in Phu Chi Fah will surely be among the most beautiful you’ll ever get to witness.

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