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Phra That Sa-Wee

Posted on: 24th February 2016

It is an ancient temple located in the Sa-Wee district of Chumporn Province. It is officially an archeological site where centuries ago a golden casket was founded by Prince Sri Thammasokaraj which contained the relics of Buddha.


What the Legend Says

That in 1803 B.E. when the battle between Prince Sri Thammasokaraj and the royal army of Ajodhya ended, prince took his army to Nakorn Si Thammarat. On their way back they took shelter in an ancient temple, but as they settled down they noticed a broken Chedi and a herd of crows which in no time began to create a racket.

What Happened Next?

The prince told his soldiers to get rid of them, the soldiers tried their hardest to shoo them away but the crows didn’t budge, they kept their perches or kept coming back to the bricks. For prince this experience was a bit unusual and the presence of a white crow among the black ones surprised him, he asked his soldiers to get rid of the bricks which further led to the discovery of the golden casket. When relics of Buddha were found in the casket, prince made sure that the Chedi was reestablished with the relics at the same place as they were at the time of discovery.

It is said that after that prince had ordered a 7 days 7 nights celebration to mark the event and named the Chedi as “the Phra That of Wings of Kawi”. The Chedi is about 18 meters tall and the other ‘feature’ if the temple that one must acknowledge is that around the Chedi at all angles, replicas of the main Chedi have been placed.

Opening Time and Admission Fee: It opens 7 days a week from 8 am till 4:30 pm and though no admission fee is charged one needs to dress properly to gain admission.

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