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Pattaya Music Festival 2019

pattaya music festival Posted on: 5th December 2016

Pattaya Music Fest, an open concert, features live music performances from musicians all across Asia.

Planning to visit Thailand in the first quarter of 2017 and Pattaya is one of the destinations that you have decided to cover? If this is so, and you are visiting Pattaya in March, make sure that Pattaya International Music Festival is the part of the list of things that you are planning to cover. Why? Because it is one of the most anticipated festivals of Thailand and will certainly make your vacation a success. Since it is normally organized in mid-March, those travelers who are visiting Thailand around this time should definitely schedule their arrival in Pattaya accordingly. And, Mark my words- visiting this festival will, for sure, make your time in Pattaya a memorable one!! So, if still considering ‘why to attend’ this much-loved ‘Music Festival in Pattaya’, here are a few reasons that will certainly remove the last specs of your uncertainties about attending it!!

Pattaya Music Festival Is a Huge Affair!!

Pattaya Music Festival, which occurs along the Pattaya beach road, Chon Buri, is not just among the biggest international beach music festivals in Asia and Thailand but is also titled as the longest beach festival in whole of Asia, a title which it shares with no other! Hence it is not just big!! It is a mammoth affair in all aspects, whether it is the festival’s huge line-up full of international and local artists or the huge participation that it witnesses every year. Hence if you plan to visit, it is a sure shot that you will get to hear numerous music genres — all from pop to rock to hip-hop and R‘n’B to many other international styles like Asian and Thai Music — and that too from the top international artists. However the best thing about it is that it is just not a one-day event– the ones that seem to pass away in no time– Pattaya Music Festival is a proper 3-day festival with a heavy evening-packed schedule (which continues from the evening till midnight). Another thing that makes it big is that it occurs at four different stages simultaneously, namely Galaxy at Bali Hai Pier, Moon on Pattaya Soi 4, Universal in Central Pattaya and Reggae in South Pattaya. And interestingly, every year it comes forth with a different colorful theme!!

It Brings New Trends in Music to the Forefront

If you are a music buff and loves listening to new sorts of music, then Pattaya Musical festival is just what you should not miss; it becomes downright indispensable if you actually want a heads-up for the next big thing in music. Since it is attended by various musicians from around the globe —Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Korea, Australia, and Thailand etc— it is a great place to experience the new twists in all the prominent music styles. However, the most noted remain the ones where pop, Rock, R&B and Hip Hop are performed by Thailand’s top music acts like Body Slam, Klear, Joey Boy, Pancake, Potato and the Philippines’ Nina Girado and Australia’s Cirque du Freak!

There Is More to It Than Music!!

Pattaya Music Festival is not just about music, it is also about shopping, sightseeing or just lazing on the beach, taking a little stroll or just chilling out on the sand or visiting the street markets of Pattaya. Since festival activities never start before evening time you can easily do the aforementioned activities; you can also visit various attractions of Pattaya like ‘Mini Siam’ – a miniature town near Pattaya Klang, among others. It Is Absolutely Free to Attend!! Yes, you get to attend this festival free of cost!

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