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Natai Beach

Posted on: 26th February 2016

About 45 km from Khao Lak and 6 km from Phuket, Natai Beach is a peaceful, quiet and an expansive serene spot. The pristine beach with a 10 km long strip of sand has several protected zones and strict construction regulations to ensure that it offers its visitors a complete feeling of isolation.

Experience True Tranquility Near Khao Lak

At Natai Beach, you get a chance to escape the worldly troubles and just be with yourself as the sand gets between your toes and the waves swish gently before you. Also known as the Pilai Beach, its beautiful clear water and soft white sand have captured the attention of many international celebrities as well. You will also find flowery lagoons and coconut groves along the road running parallel to the beach. A rental car in Khao Lak is one of the best ways to travel in this region of Thailand for most of the beaches can only be reached by a private vehicle either because of irregular or no public transport. Our car rentals in Khao Lak are offered at economical prices and usually bring added value facilities like free modification and inclusions like road-side assistance and local tax.


Facilities in and Around Natai Beach

Natai Beach is not that kind of a place where you’ll get to find a host of facilities. So don’t expect any wandering peddlers, beach massage cabanas, umbrellas or beach chairs. There’s nothing much around except sand, sea and the sun, with the occasional villa resort or hotel between the lofty Casuarina trees. There is, however, one beachfront restaurant ‘Rabian Lay Thai seafood’ that serves authentic Thai dishes priced around 100 to 200 Baht per dish. You can find a much wider selection of cheap eateries, convenience stores and ATMs at the nearby Khok Kloi town. There’s also a public pier along the Natai Beach where the local fishermen bring their day’s catch, creating a busy scene from morning till noon. Overall, the beach remains pretty quiet through the day with only a couple of boats moored at the shore.

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