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Namtok Pha Charoen National Park

namtok-pha-charoen-national-park-mae-sot Posted on: 25th February 2016

Namtok Pha Charoen National Park is spread in an area of about 855 square kilometers and is located in Phop Phra District of Tak Province and is 39.3 kilometers away from Mae sot via route 1090. Book a rental car with us and make use of our finest offerings while moving about Mae Sot; choose from a big fleet of cars which bring benefits like numerous inclusions, free booking support service, low costs, add-ons plus option of one-way rental etc.

It sits amidst two other national parks namely Khlong Wang Chao and Lan Sang, and hence acts as the passage between the two. The area covered by the park has an elevation of 1765 meter and features flora ranging from mixed deciduous forests to coniferous forests. In case of fauna the national park is home to animals like tigers, wild boars, snakes, porcupines and numerous other animal species.


Tourist Attractions

Pha Charoen Waterfall:
It is the most famous attractions and is also very popular among locals; it is a 97 stepped perennial limestone waterfall. It is easier to reach this waterfall via a commute for there is a provision of parking and can be reached via route 1090 as it is located just between landmark stone 36 and 37. The waterfall remains open from 8am till 5pm.

Bo Nam Ron Huai Nam Nak
It is a natural hot water well where water’s temperature is measured at 12 oC; the place has gazebos which provide a relaxation area as well as spot from where the best view of the surrounding area can be enjoyed.

Doi Kia Viewpoint, and other waterfalls like:

(a)Namtok Pa Wai
(b)Namtok Sai Fa and Namtok Sai Rung: It is known for the rainbows that are formed by the sprays of water.

Facilities & Accommodations

Though this place doesn’t have restaurants, it does have a few bungalows that remain open for rentals. Since Mae Sot is just 39 kilometers away, it would be a better option to stay there for it will also provide access to restaurants, eateries and other shopping areas.

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