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Mekong Underwater World

Posted on: 22nd February 2016

Located in Nakhon Phanom’s area of Nong Yat Reservoir Mekong Underwater World covers an area of about 2500 Rai which amounts to around 4 million square meters or 988 acres. This is a venue that was designed and bought into existence with solely a single minded purpose which is relaxation.

How It came Into Being?

It initially focused the local people and was also visited by the then king and queen in 1962 which in itself speaks of its popularity. Though relaxation and peace were at its core, the idea of building this reservoir was initially to collect the various marine flora and fauna species that were found in the three main rivers of Nakhon Phanom. Mekong Underwater World is a great place to visit with family and friends; book a Nakhon Phanom car rental with availability of rare 8/9-seaters and even if you are a loner, Thailand Cars Rental has enough options to meet diverse needs.


Hence with the conviction of the then Prime Minister the idea of collecting and storing various marine species in a reservoir was promoted and within a few years the ideas was manifested into reality. With the involvement of the Municipality officer of Nakhon Phanom, governor and other members from the house of Representatives, the reservoir came into existence and the water was flooded with various species of marine animals and plants including endangered and rare one were taken from Mekong River, Kam River and Songkhram River


Mekong Underwater World’s most endearing feature is the fact that there is a tunnel underneath the reservoir through which the travelers can move about and can observe the species that have been collected over the years. A visit to Mekong Underwater World emerges as a great learning and recreational activity. The venue remains open the whole week one can visit any day from Monday to Friday anytime between 9am to 5 pm, whereas on weekends the timing is 10 am to 6 pm. The entry fee for adults is 30 Baht and for children the admission fee is 10 Baht.

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