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Mae Ram Phung Beach

Posted on: 25th February 2016

Maintained by the nearby Khao Laemya National Park, Mae Ram Phung Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Rayong. Approximately 12 km long, this white sandy beach is the longest to be found in the entire province. It is a nice clean area with gentle slopes that are suitable for swimming.

You’ll find a sign put up that cautions swimmers about the rip current here. Along the Mae Ram Phung, you’ll see a number of pine trees and these natural decorative spots make the place more shady and alluring. Also, there are many street stalls and restaurants nearby, further adding to the liveliness of the site. Bathrooms and toilets are set up throughout Mae Ram Phung Beach, but will cost you a bit though. Additionally, several accommodations are available if you need a seaside hotel or a cheap room in a guesthouse. So if the idea of relaxing or enjoying a picnic with friends and family ever crosses your mind while in Rayong, you know where to go.


Taking a Tour of Mae Ram Phung Beach

As you explore and reach near the middle of Mae Ram Phung Beach, you’ll see a beautiful seaside park Lan Hin Khaw which is decorated and maintained by the municipal. Like the beach itself, the park is also clean and an attractive place with numerous large white stones, plenty of coconut trees around and a lawn. It is visited by tourists in large numbers who sit around, picnic and click photos of the spectacular views of the beach. Towards the end of Mae Ram Phung Beach, you’ll see a small fisherman village named Ban Khon Ao. This is a fine spot at the beach to watch the sunset and it is also the gateway to the nearby Khao Laemya National Park.

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