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Lan Sang National Park

lan-sang-national-pasrk-maesot Posted on: 25th February 2016

Lan Sang National Park is located in Tak province of Thailand and hence is about 71.9 kilometers from Mae Sot Airport. It covers an area of 65000 rai or 140 square kilometer and its boundaries contain 1000 meter high granite peaks which belong to Tenasserim Range. It is also home to Khao Luang Mountain which divided the park into two parts and is its tallest peak named Oomyod is also within the parameters of the national park.

Lan Sang is Thailand’s 15th national and was granted this status in year 1978 and is also historically important because while taking his army to Chiang Mai, King Taksin is believed to have stopped here.


Legend Associated With Lan Sang National Park

As stated before, King Taksin had once stopped at the forest which at present belongs to Lan Sang national park. It was the time when he was planning a second attack on Chiang Mai; he was leading his army for attack aiming to rescue Mon people who had asked for his help against the pursuing Burmese soldiers. Legend says that during their pursuit, king Taksin was separated from his army; it was dark by the time soldiers began to search and hence decided to wait till morning. However, they didn’t have to wait the whole night for they heard neigh of a war horse followed by a blinding light. When the soldiers followed the source of light, they found their King perched on his horse in the middle of a stone terrace. The light was seeping out from King’s body and was surrounded by shocked and crouching Burmese soldiers. Lan and Sang is Thai for ‘stone terrace’ and ‘light’ respectively, this is how the place got its name.

Opening Time: 6am to 6pm

Admission Fee: 200 Baht/adult and 100 Baht/child

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