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Lampi Waterfall

Posted on: 26th February 2016

Lampi waterfall is just a few minutes’ drive from Khao Lak and sits on Highway 4; it is part of Thai Muang National Park which was given the status of National park in 1986. Pay this place a visit in a car rental and make your journey easy as well as timely; we offer lot of add-ons like GPS etc which could be of great help in finding one’s way. Unlike add-ons, inclusions offered by our suppliers are free of cost, just like our booking support service; hence book your Khao Lak car rental with us and get access to low-cost well-packed deals.



Why Visit Lampi Waterfall?

Lampi waterfall falls through multiple cascades as it emerges out of the jungle and as observed by many visitors the water is usually colder than most of the waterfalls in the region which proves to be more refreshing in a hot day. The waterfall forms a pool at the foot of the cascading which is good for swimming and but there is a rope in the water that marks a part where the water gets really deep than comfort.

Lampi Waterfall Highlights

The place has a lot of trails and one of the trail starts at the back of the cafeteria and continues into the jungle. The trails at times seems like a roller coaster ride as it frequently drops and rises and though the trail is not properly maintained it is a good option as it leaves scope for animal spotting and bird sighting. Moreover there are shops, restaurants and shops also that sell stuff like food and even clothes that one might need for swimming etc. Its resourcefulness acts as the second of the factors that make this waterfall more approachable and warming to the visitors though there is no option of accommodations.

Unlike many other waterfalls that are a good walk away from the car parking, Lampi is a relief as it is very close to the car park. This is also one of the reasons that on weekends it is usually more crowded than other waterfalls.

Entry Fee

Since it is part of the National Park, an entry fee of 200 Baht is charged in the peak season which gets reduced to 100 Baht in off-season and as stated above there is parking lot which charges a fee of 30 Baht.

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