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Klai Kang Won Palace – The Royal Palace of Today

Posted on: 26th February 2016

One of Hua Hin’s quintessential landmarks, Klai Kang Won Palace serves as the summer residence for HM King Bhumibhol Adulyadej (Rama IX) and the other royal family members. Meaning ‘far from worries’ and fronting an unfrequented stretch of Hua Hin beachfront, Klai Kang Won is appropriately named after the serenity and peace of the surrounding landscape. Thailand car rentals offer car rental in Hua Hin at reasonable prices so that anyone and everyone can cut from local transport, grasp their desired car and explore the beautiful attractions at their own ease.


Looking Back – Charms of Yesteryears

The construction of Klai Kang Won Palace was commissioned in 1926 by King Rama VII, after the completion of Hua Hin Train Station and the official linking of southern-northern rail line. Back in those days, Thailand began opening its doors to western architecture and culture. Most of the government buildings and palaces built during that period reflect a heavy European influence, since almost all were designed by renowned Italian architects. Klai Kang Won Palace is no different either, showcasing the style a typical Spanish estate. Set amidst beautiful surroundings, the palace complex consists of four major buildings. The two-story ‘Phra Tamnak Piem Suk’ is the residence of the King and Queen, complete with a picturesque Roman garden, a walkway leading to the beachfront and a sundial. The royal family members reside in discrete buildings, enclosed inside the same manicured lawns. These buildings display different styles of architecture, from European log cabin to modern Thai.

The Royal Palace of Today

HM King Bhumibhol, today, resides permanently at the palace in ‘Phra Tamnak Piem Suk’ – the main Spanish-styled building. Whenever the King or the royal family members take up residence at Klai Kang Won, the Phetkasem Road is nicely decorated with the royal flags that bear the royal emblem and color of either the King himself or a particular royal family member staying there. Klai Kang Won gets open to the public when it is not occupied. But to be able to visit, you must have an authorization from the Royal Household Office. You will be charged with a nominal admission fee.

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