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Khon Kaen National Museum

Posted on: 22nd February 2016

Before you set-off to explore the attractions in Khon Kaen in your very own rental car, make sure to include Khon Kaen National Museum in your list. The museum was opened to public on 20th December 1972 and was officially opened by His Majesty King Bnumiphol Adulyadej. Though temporary exhibitions are also organized, the permanent ones deal with themes of art, history, culture, geography, ethnology and archaeology.


Khon Kaen National Museum Collection

Following is the order in which the exhibitions have been arranged in the museum: – Pre-historic period: Geology and Geography – Major archeological findings plus settlements, utensils and burial rituals – Ancient communities and cities – Period of recorded history followed by Dvaravati Culture – Next exhibition includes stone boundary markers, religion and beliefs, costumes, script, architecture, votive tablets, archaeological objects taken from the Muang Fa Daet Song Yang excavation site which is located in Kamalasai District of Kalasin Province. – Khmer Culture – Thai Lao culture- its ancient cities, communities, religion and reliefs – Daily life: used utensils, religion and beliefs – Muang Khon Kaen: Evolution of Art – Folk culture and history of art

Noted Buddha Images

Bodhisattva: This Buddha image is made of sand stone and dates back to 12-13 century A.D. – There is a Buddha image where Buddha is sitting in meditation posture and is sheltered by a seven headed snake; constructed in Bangkok style it dates back to 14th-15th A.D. – Buddha Subduing Mara dates back to 13th/14th century and is constructed in U-Thong style

Khon Kaen National Museum Services

It provides a number of services for the benefit of visitors like educational tours, temporary exhibitions and library services with access to educational documents. It also has stalls which sell books on themes of art, history, souvenirs and archeology.

Opening Hours: 9am to 4pm; opens Wednesday through Sunday with exception of National holidays

Admission Fee:

Natives: 10 Baht

Other Visitors: 100 Baht

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