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Kantang Train Station

Posted on: 24th February 2016

Kantang railway station is of great historic importance: it was established and opened to public in April 1913. This fact makes it the oldest railway station in Thailand which is still functional. It acts as the last terminal in Southern-Andaman rail road and was quoted as an ancient place by Fine arts department in 1996.

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Located in the Kantang district of Trang and part of Kantang Branch Line, its most interesting feature is that it is entirely made up of wood. The station retains its rustic feel as it has never been renovated such that the original wood designs and the architecture that belongs to Rama VI era remains.

The station building is divided into two parts –the main building and the platform; the most interesting part is that both the parts have been painted mustard yellow which comes as its trademark feature. It has been designated as a ‘class three’ railway station and at present the southern line where it was established is not functional.

The good news is that one can still get a train from Bangkok to Kantang station which like always arrives once a day in the afternoon. Nevertheless one should note that it completes its journey in 18 hours. Nearby there is a train that has been converted into a public library and there is a room on the platform which is called ‘Love Station’ area where the remaining appliances of historical importance has been collected at one place. The architecture of the railway station has been preserved and registered under Ministry of Culture’s Fine Arts Department.

Opening Time: 24/7

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